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Chiara is fond of adventures of any kind. Although she has a steady lover who lives in New Haven she hardly spends a week alone in New York City. And why should she? Chiara is, after all, a mature bitch who cannot stand the idea of being faithful to one single man. So you can find her in the clubs around Sheridan Square or in Tribeca, where she will start her evenings out. How does she do it, you may wonder. She works in the daytime, alright, but she does not overdo it, especially if she knows it is going to be “one of those nights” out. Chiara knows what turns men on. It is this oh so harmless look she gives them when they ask her for a dance or buy her a drink. She sports her little girl image, but wait until she turns into a mature bitch!

So let us follow Chiara through the night. It is an idle Tuesday night, and she decides on Club X (in case you want to know, I am not saying!) where all those really influential guys go, married or not. After all, they have had a busy day at the NYSE or some such place. What they seek is a mature bitch, a woman who does not cling to them, who is hungry for sex the way they are – and nothing else. So, the deal is clear, mature bitch meets generous lover who will take her out for an extravagant meal the next time they meet, and they sure will do! Your place or mine is normally not the question since these guys are bound to head home to their posh suburbs afterwards. So it´s Chiara´s place or a hotel which is just as well. As soon as the door closes the mature bitch wheo may look extremely harmless shows her talents. Ask the guys, they will tell you a thing or two as to what this mature bitch does with her fingers, her tongue. It is soon over, but alright, let`s play again.

Chiara never gives a thought about Vince, her lover in far away (well, not so far away, really) New Haven. May he rest in peace, as far as Chiara is concerned. Her cell phone is switched off, oh, darling I had such a migraine I had to go to bed early. She is free to do what she likes, and as a mature bitch who just has to do it very so often she enjoys those guys` company. After all, it´s just a game and a nice one at that. No harm done, everybody enjoys it. After the show they exchange phone numbers or else they don´t . Whatever, Chiara is going to be out on the prowl pretty soon. She simply enjoys the attention she gets, the glances, the advances and the moment when it becomes clear that “it” is going to part of the parcel. And, be sure, in 99 % of the cases it is!

Big Breasted gorgeous MILF

Big Breasted gorgeous MILF

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